Transportation Leader Drives Up Competitive Advantage with Advanced Analytics

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A leading trucking company sought to improve a core business unit by integrating advanced analytics into planning and operations processes. The company retained Princeton Consultants to demonstrate how incorporating new data sources, improved algorithms and a corresponding shift in business processes will result in better economics, service, nimbleness, consistency, and transparency.

Princeton Consultants interviewed key personnel involved in the company’s operations, including business process owners, dispatchers, and information technology personnel. These discussions uncovered the key internal and external factors that determine the dispatch decision process, and revealed an inordinate amount of manual labor that was taxing the planning team and resulting in errors.

The Princeton Consultants team developed an agile product plan for a revised dispatch system to leverage predictive analytics and optimization and suggest better dispatching decisions. This included an analysis of the data requirements for the application and a plan to integrate the new capabilities into existing business operations. The resulting systemized, analytics-powered business process reduces error and removes most of the manual labor—and greatly improves reliability and scalability.

The Princeton Consultants team and company executives are now developing optimization and predictive analytics solutions to transform planning and operations.