Executive Summary

Welcome to Princeton Consultants’ Optimization Practice.

Princeton Consultants is an information technology and management consulting firm with offices in Princeton, New Jersey and New York City.  We have been in business since 1981 and have completed over 1,800 projects for our clients--many of the largest, most successful and innovative companies in the world.

We help businesses dramatically improve performance by integrating state-of-the-art optimization software models into their decision-making processes. 

Our work is custom optimization. We work with each client to make sure each assignment is tailored to fit exactly with the specific business objectives, needs and constraints.  Through our unique approach, our clients have experienced extraordinary gains in productivity, efficiency and customer service.

We hope that you find this website an engaging, easy read--one that adds value to your own thinking about what optimization is and how it might maximize your organization's assets.  We look forward to the opportunity to discussing your needs and how we can meet them.

Preview The Optimization Edge, by Princeton Consultants CEO Steve Sashihara, published by McGraw-Hill.


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