How We Define Optimization

We define optimization as enhanced business decision making, powered by special software that evaluates billions of choices and makes explicit recommendations for action.

Steve Sashimara

Do I have it now?

Many software products use the word optimization or terms such as smart systems in their marketing, leading to understandable confusion among business executives. So how do you know if your current IT platform has real optimization?  Start by asking these two simple questions:

  • Does your current software make explict recommendations for action?
  • Does your current software have a concept of "the best possible course of action?"

Optimization software answers yes to both questions--with powerful results.

Optimization is also called operations research, expert systems, decision support, and advanced analytics.  By whatever name, great optimization is the key to achieving the triple crown of faster, cheaper and better.

Thought leaders at Gartner, Forrester and IBM Research Institute have all recently agreed that optimization sits at the top of the Business Analytics stack and offers the greatest potential for breakthrough performance.