Areas of Opportunity

“You can think of any organization as a factory for producing decisions.”

- Nobel laureate economist Daniel Kahneman

We agree. Businesses of all sizes are target-rich environments for optimization.


Where to Pursue Optimization

Optimization starts with assets: things of value that the company has some control over. The most common assets to optimize are:

  • people
  • raw materials / finished goods
  • vehicles / machinery
  • land / facilities
  • finances / investments
  • containers
  • digital and other intangibles


Optimization embodies a deep set of techniques to make decision-making about these assets more rigorous. The classic optimization decision types are:

  • production / acquisition
  • assignment
  • scheduling
  • network routing
  • pricing
  • policy creation



Optimization can be a game changer at the following three levels:


Operating efficiency

Reach new heights of productivity and service; tighten up operations; do things faster, better and more cheaply.


New-product development

Create new products or services to break away from competitors.


New-business model 

Launch a new business; stake out a new frontier, or reinvent your current value proposition.