Our People

Our optimization specialists combine world-class technical techniques with proven project management experience.

Mathematical modeling, algorithm design, and high performance / cloud computing proficiency are foundational for our professionals. The "human side" of optimization is also required for successful implementation in real business environments: our team's skills include executive communications, vendor management, and user engagement.

We staff our assignments with Princeton Consultants' SWANs -- extraordinary people who are Smart, Work hard, Ambitious and Nice.

The high caliber of our consultants enables us to deliver optimization that gives recommendations in a form that the business users will understand, support and enthusiastically use to improve their decisions.

Consulting Magazine wrote:

When consulting firms say they hire only the best and the brightest, they are usually engaging in a bit of hyperbole. Not so with Princeton Consultants. The firm has built a strong practice and even stronger reputation by hiring bright minds from top-notch universities and putting them to work at solving business problems… Princeton’s consulting talent comes via the Ph.D. programs in nuclear physics, chemistry, and other specialties at universities like Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.

We have found that successful optimization is a team sport. Our optimizers work closely with our clients’ business executives and line managers to make sure we are completely focused on solving their most important problems.  We partner with the business’s IT personnel to make sure we leverage existing platforms and data sources, as well as provide tools that are compliant with their best practices.

Together, we can transform whole businesses -- even industries.