The Optimization Revolution

We don’t use the term “revolution” lightly. Optimization was once considered the province of technical specialists and quants. Now, executives are demanding that their organizations acquire the capability—and fast.


What's Driving this Revolution?

1. Cloud computing ushers in a new era in which massive parallel computing and communications are available to all. Today, scalable, world-class data centers are available to the smallest start-ups.
2. Global competition requires each business to be smart and agile, to make better decisions, and to squeeze every ounce of value out of its assets.
3. Big Data, the tidal wave hitting virtually every organization, leads to two responses: ignore it and eventually get obliterated, or implement optimization—the only tool that can leverage all that data to transform asset utilization and core processes.


Because Princeton Consultants was in the vanguard of optimization long before it was the latest buzzword, we’re exhilarated to see it fully emerge from Fortune 100 Operations Research departments and graduate school programs, and achieve breakthrough results across virtually all industries, in businesses of all sizes.

We have experienced firsthand the transformative power of optimization at all levels of an organization. It can move the needle from unprofitable to industry-leading. It can move a business area from struggling to surviving to leading the pack. And, unlike many IT-based movements of the past, optimization does not require large, expensive teams. Optimization can have a major, game-changing impact without requiring a major rewrite of your IT systems or massive reshuffling of your operational staff. That’s why there is an optimization revolution taking place—and we want you to join us in reaping its rewards.