Strategy and Diversified Industries

Throughout our history, Princeton Consultants has succeeded because we are a different kind of management consulting firm. To assess different strategic choices with maximum clarity and rigor, we employ the very same optimization models that we develop for detailed operations. Private equity and executive management recognize the advantage of our unique approach to analyze and lead game-changing productivity improvements.


We partner with our clients on projects that embody innovation:

Strategy Assignments

In this area, a project's purpose is to analyze strategic, executive choices that the client is evaluating.  We build a highly customized application that goes beyond the classic, static spreadsheet model and actually optimizes across dozens or hundreds of variables to recommend the best combinations.

New Industries or Applications

Princeton Consultants works enthusiastically with clients outside of our traditional core industries.  In such cases, we say, "you bring the Subject Matter Expertise and we'll bring the math."  We are energized about areas in which no prior optimization has been successfully achieved and we relish working with a sponsor with new or original ideas about building a business or service that would not be possible without optimization.


  • Dramatic improvements in decision quality
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved customer service
  • Grow top line revenue through new business models